The Farm is a little off the beaten path, and there is likely going to be some driving involved. We’re working on arranging for a shuttle service between La Crosse and Ferryville with stops at points in-between, and we’ll keep everyone posted on if that comes to fruition.

Those coming from afar have some options about where to fly. The geographically closest major airports are La Crosse, Madison, and Minneapolis, though that order is not indicative of price. La Crosse is 38 miles from the Farm, but is not the least expensive flight option. These are some of the things to keep in mind when making your travel arrangements. 

We recommend that you invest a wee bit more to purchase refundable tickets, since Robin’s health will ultimately determine if we are indeed able to hold our wedding festivities at Buck Creek farm over Labor Day weekend. We truly appreciate you doing this. Regardless of a change in location (which no longer seems likely as of this June 1 posting), we will be married on Sept. 2! Should it be necessary to relocate the event to Chicago, we are prepared to do that, and will inform you of that as soon as we are aware that we need to make that change. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding as life throws us its proverbial curve balls!

Driving to Buck Creek Farm


It will take those driving close to 6 hours for the commute. Labor Day weekend traffic may increase drive-time. We’ve decided to commence the ceremony later in the day to accommodate those choosing to drive that morning. GPS signals can get easily lost in this region. We recommend printing driving directions in the event your device ceases to operate properly.

1. I-90 West to Madison. As you enter Monona before Madison proper, begin looking for signs for HWY 12/18.

2. Take HWY 18 West toward Dodgeville and to Fennimore.

3. HWY 18 turns left in Fennimore.

4. Continue on 18 to Prairie du Chien where it merges with HWY 35 North. Do not follow 18 over the river, stay on 35N.

5. Approximately 28 miles north to Buck Creek Rd. Turn right onto Buck Creek Rd. Approximately 1/4 mile to little red sign firestop number 59761 at the head of our dirt driveway.

6. The turn off of 35N. onto Buck Creek Rd is 1/4 mile from the big green sign on the right for HWY 171 to Gays Mills. If you make a right turn where there is a cement plant of the left and a stockyard on the right, but GPS tells you it is Buck Creek Rd, it is North Buck Creek Rd, which is not the road you want. That will take you out of your way. Go back, as you’ve missed Buck Creek Rd, which is the road before the one you turned onto. The river is across from our road.

7. If you end up on North Buck Creek Rd. and don’t turn back, it will end at the intersection of Buck Creek Rd where it becomes Boma Ridge Rd. Turn right onto Buck Creek Rd. You will come downhill about 2-3 miles and pass South Buck Creek Rd. We are the next dirt driveway on the left. Got that? There are 3 Buck Creek Roads: North, South, and us.

8. Call our house phone at 608-734-3579 if you need one of us to coach you through it.


To orient yourself, you will need to use either Prairie Du Chien (to the south) or La Crosse (to the north) as your primary points of departure: both are on HWY 35.
1. If you’re coming from the Minneapolis area, you need to get to LaCrosse and then pick up 35S to Buck Creek Rd. Turn Left and proceed to 59761.
2. If you are coming from Milwaukee, you’ll take I-90 and follow the directions to Chicago.
3. If you are coming from downstate IL or IA, then take HWY 61N (picked up off of I-80) to 171W to 35N to Buck Creek Rd, about 1/4 mile north of where you will pick up 35.


If you’re coming from Madison, the conventional route is to take I-90 to LaCrosse and then pick up 35S to Buck Creek Rd. Turn Left and proceed to 59761.
There are two options to travel via the backroads route, both involving these first steps:
a. From I-90 take 18W to Dodgeville
b. In Dodgeville take 18W to Fennimore
c. In Fennimore follow 18W onto 18W/61N
Then, you can take Option 1 or Option 2.
Option 1:
a. Stay on 61N to County HWY S (last town before County HWY S is
Boscobel and the crossing across the stunning Wisconsin River)
b. Turn Left onto County HWY S 
c. Bear right at the curve onto Halls Branch Rd. (This will be after the intersection with HWY 131 and crossing a canoeing creek.)  It might say Halls Branch North or South–it is the only one, so turn onto it whichever.) This is easy to miss, so once you cross 131, stay alert.  There is a falling down farmhouse on the right across from a car/truck graveyard farm house just before the curve.
d. From Halls Branch Rd. turn left onto HWY 171 W
e. At T intersection and Mississippi River turn right onto HWY 35N
f. In 1/4 mile, turn right onto Buck Creek Rd.
g. Proceed 1/4 mile to 59761 red fire stop on right
Option 2:
a. In Fennimore follow 18W onto 18W/61N
b. Turn left onto 18W to Prairie Du Chein
c. In Prairie Du Chien join 35N and follow out of town
d. Approximately 28 miles to Buck Creek Rd.
e. Turn right onto Buck Creek Rd and proceed 1/4 mile to red firestop #59761

Valet Parking & Group Transportation

There will be a strong police presence on the roads for the extended holiday weekend because of the local festivities that will involve alcohol consumption. Should you choose to drive, there will be attendants to assist in parking vehicles once you arrive to the farm. Look for the signs.

Should you not wish to drive, we are arranging a car service for people coming direct from La Crosse to Ferryville.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this, please reach out to us as soon as you are able, and we can coordinate the schedule.