Team Hogan Dolan Baby Registry

Arrival DateĀ December 10, 2020

Hello Family, Friends, and Loved Ones! Thank you so much for being on this
journey to TBD (Tiny Baby Dolan)’s arrival with us!

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FYI: We’re having 3 different showers…!

If you are attending the socially distanced outdoor shower hosted by Michelle Shupe on Oct 11, please arrange to have your gift sent to Michelle or to your home.

If you are attending the Zoom shower hosted by Kristin Huzar and Jamie Querciagrossa on Oct 18, send your gift to Kristin: her address is the default address on this Registry.

If you are attending the Rochester shower hosted by Sandi and Kevin Hogan on Oct 25, please send your monetary gift to Grandma Hogan at her home address.