September 2, 2017 at 3pm


Wedding Video

We’re heartened to welcome you to celebrate with us over Labor Day Weekend 2017.

We appreciate your patience and well-wishes as we’ve finalized plans over the last few months. We’re so thrilled to announce that we’ll be married on our dear friends’ farm outside of La Crosse, Wisconsin. We’ve needed to wait to announce this because we’ve been focusing on sending all our love and energy to the owner of Buck Creek Farm, Robin Metz, who received a cancer diagnosis at the top of the year, has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments.  Surgery was August 11th at the prestigious Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and we’re happy to report that all went well, and he’s now home on the farm with the family. His doctors are amazed with his tremendous progress thus far, and we all are confident that we will convene here to celebrate on Sept 2.

Formal invitations were sent in the mail on July 3, so keep your eyes on the mailbox. We need your RSVPs returned to us no later than Aug 5th.  All of the information you’ll need to arrange for travel, lodging, and weekend plans are now all contained within this site. We’ll be making tiny updates from time to time, including a forthcoming page with suggestions for activities over the Labor Day weekend (including a run-down of our personal plans that we’d encourage you to join in on); so, please check back if the mood strikes you.

We are honored to have you as our beloved wedding guests. Prepare to celebrate at a spirited outdoor ceremony of late afternoon reverie and a breathtaking night under a vast blanket stars.